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Amie Perez, Human Resources Director

Amie’s interest in the education field began in second grade, when every day she would leave a note on the teacher’s desk asking if she could teach the class. It’s only befitting that she is now fulfilling her passion for learning and development through Human Resources at a firm focused on educational innovations. She claims the most rewarding aspect of working in HR is the opportunity to inspire and be inspired by others.

With an appreciation for humor, Amie knows how to keep things light, but also takes her role – and education – seriously. At Hollis + Miller there is room to do both, and she is proud to be part of such a firm!

While away from the office, Amie enjoys spending time with her husband and son. With a shared respect for dry humor, they make each other laugh every day. Amie is grateful to be surrounded by such awesome people at home…and at work!

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