Hollis + Miller Foundation

Hollis + Miller is a true advocate for giving back to the communities we live and work in everyday, and the Hollis + Miller Foundation is one initiative that really supports this core value. The foundation focuses on how we can best impact our community in a positive way beyond our daily jobs. The Foundation’s goal is to not only make an difference by giving opportunities through monetary contribution, but to also promote opportunities of giving back through time and service to others.

Each year our Foundation selects three designated charities to contribute to, ensuring that 100% of the dollars contributed go directly to local charities that benefit our community. All of this money contributed is coming directly from the employees themselves who are wanting to make a greater impact.

Some ways the Foundation has supported the Hollis + Miller team in giving back to the community has been through various philanthropic and volunteering opportunities. Serving dinners at the RMDH, forming a bowling team that raises money benefiting Big Brothers Big Sisters, and coordinating school supply and other various drives benefiting organizations like TLC and Scraps KC are just a few activities that Hollis + Miller participates in. We also have team members who have given their time to help tend to a local community garden just blocks away from our downtown office. The Foundation’s purpose is to extend the love and support of the Hollis + Miller family into the community around us.

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