Our Spring Interns

As we approach the summer, it’s time for us to say goodbye to our Spring Semester interns. A bittersweet time for us all. We’re excited to see them continue their journey as architects, but we’re going to miss seeing them around the office. We asked them to share their experiences and here’s what they said:


Alison Luzenske

4th year Interior Architecture and Product Design Major | Kansas State University

Eighteen weeks in, and the jury is still out on what’s better – the view from the roof or Friday breakfast. Very early on in my short time at Hollis + Miller I discovered what a special place it was and how lucky I was for the experience I was beginning. From day one, I found myself immersed in the thick of it. I became a member of a project team participating, collaborating and acting as if I had been there all along. Working with a variety of teams on vastly different projects, I have learned more than I ever imagined I would in just a few months. I find myself very lucky to say that I am able to wake up every morning excited about the tasks I have ahead of me that day.
I’m fortunate to be engrossed in a working environment where I am continually challenged with new assignments. While I’m excited about the projects I assist with, I’m also happy to have found myself in an environment complete with people who not only support my sarcastic jokes, but, more importantly, my success as a young professional. Hollis + Miller quickly became a place full of people that I enjoyed spending my days with, and I’m sad to see my time here coming to an end so quickly.


Ian Sullivan

4th year Interior Architecture and Product Design Major | Kansas State University

One of Hollis + Miller’s Core Values is Family, but isn’t that something every company strives for? While others are striving for this sense of working together to achieve the common goal, Hollis + Miller has made it feel effortless to work together to “Design the Future.”
Starting my internship, I was nervous that I wasn’t going to be able to remember names or everybody’s coffee orders, but intern coffee running is a thing of the past. While an intern, I’ve worked closely with multiple teams on different processes of schematic design and design development. I learned that your focus in school shouldn’t pigeon hole you into one aspect of design. As a student of interior architecture, I don’t just pick out materials, but I learn from architects, structural engineers, graphic designers and our marketing team. I’ve learned how to ask questions and even listen better to the answers I get. One of the most important things I heard here is something Partner Scott Barton said, “Interns are professionals who just haven’t gotten their degrees, yet.” I believe that statement encompasses how I’ve felt working with the Hollis + Miller family.


Kaden Beilman

4th year Architecture Major | Kansas State University

It doesn’t seem too long ago that I parked illegally outside of the office on the first day. I was carrying my lunch, which I would eat over yellow trace paper with Senior Project Architect Greg Schiller that day. This baptism by fire set the pace for my internship. To be counted immediately as an equal member on a team, making design decisions that will impact the future of education seems a little overwhelming, but only at first. Every day, there’s a new problem to solve. With these new problems, though, come friendly people who are completely invested in both the project and the people.
This friendliness extends past the job. Whether it’s Friday breakfast, First Wednesday All Staff Meetings, Softball or for that matter any day, as soon as I cross the elevator threshold onto the 9th floor, it’s pretty difficult to not be happy. Not to mention the joy of working with a team of other talented interns who have quickly become some of my best friends. To call Hollis + Miller the “place I work” is a disservice to the incredible community of friends who work together here to “Design the Future.”
*We’re happy to say that Kaden will be sticking around for the summer, and we’re hoping to continue to see him out on the softball field with us.

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