Pleasant Hill School District Bond Projects

Pleasant Hill School District Bond Projects A series of building improvements were made possible from community support and passage of a bond. The Pleasant Hill School District passed a bond in 2022, aiming to touch each of the district’s buildings and implement a series of improvements. The design team worked closely with the district to […]

Leman Academy of Excellence

The new Leman Academy will include pre-kindergarten and special education learning environments, offering a tailored home for scholars.

Pawnee Elementary School

Pawnee Elementary School A natural color palette at Pawnee Elementary School ties into the community’s desire for a connection to nature. The existing Pawnee Elementary School was an aged facility in need of updates to equip students to succeed. The district decided to construct a new school on the same site, making use of the […]

Bennett Intermediate School

The new Platte Purchase Middle School immerses learners in simulated, real-world experiences across a variety of topics.

Powderhorn Elementary School

Powderhorn Elementary School Powderhorn Elementary School’s new addition offers space for young learners to grow and flourish. The existing elementary school was in need of room to host younger students, specialized to their specific needs. The new addition now offers space for kindergarten and Pre-K learning environments, specifically designed for the unique needs of young […]

Maplewood Elementary School

Maplewood Elementary School Bright colors, wood tones and the maple leaf are just a few nods to the school pride running deep through generations of students who attended Maplewood Elementary School. Developed from an existing building prototype and designed in tandem with Davidson Elementary School, Maplewood replaced a historic, community-centric facility. The prototypes were adapted […]

Davidson Elementary School

Davidson Elementary School Flexible corridors, collaboration spaces and tactile walls encourage students to take learning outside of the classroom. Developed from an existing building prototype and designed in tandem with Maplewood Elementary School, Davidson’s entrance welcomes students and visitors with brightly colored fins proudly revealing the school name. The prototypes were adapted to have parity […]

Westwood View Elementary School

Westwood View Elementary School Situated in the historical town of Westwood, Kansas, Westwood View Elementary serves a tight-knit community full of rich history.  Westwood View Elementary School replaces an existing aged facility and incorporates pieces of the tightknit town’s history into the new learning environment, creating a sense of belonging for students. Environmental graphics with […]

Sunshine Elementary School

Sunshine Elementary School As one of the oldest elementary schools in the area, it was important to the community to maintain the historic integrity of the building while updating the school to modern educational standards. The incorporation of the building’s original fireplace served as inspiration for the project’s overall concept of a warm and cozy […]

Delaware Elementary School

Delaware Elementary School Transparency and colorful wayfinding set the stage for creativity at Delaware Elementary School. Delaware Elementary serves as the main hub for the district’s Special Education (SPED) department, so key goals of the space were to be inclusive and playful throughout while remaining sensitive to SPED students’ unique needs. Each grade-level neighborhood wing […]