Master Planning

We don’t just design learning environments, we create opportunities for community and culture to thrive around them. District-wide, lasting spaces nurturing learners and educators help design the future of the community and ultimately prepare students for a bright future.

A Plan Guided By Your Vision

Our planning process is steeped in engagement to create a clear understanding of your community’s vision and goals to better prepare for future decisions impacting your students, staff and community. Easy to review, the master plan allows for transparency and universal understanding among educational partners.

Facility & Campus Master Planning Experience

Together, we’ll create a tangible roadmap for future readiness and flexibility for growth. The comprehensive plan brings together qualitative and quantitative information and will act as a rudder, ensuring your institution steers towards its educational goals, understanding buildings, students, staff and utilizations.

Our Work

Pleasant Hill School District Bond Projects

Pleasant Hill School District

Blue Springs Career Innovation Center

Blue Springs School District

Blue Springs High School

Blue Springs School District

Columbia Independent School

Addition & Renovation

Grandview High School & Martin City K-8

Grandview School District