Blue Springs Career Innovation Center
As the need for career-focused education grows, the Blue Springs School District took the opportunity to utilize district-owned land to develop a brand-new learning environment for the Career Innovation Center.

The demand for specialized career-tech programs has grown in recent years, and the district began exploring options for additional space. Two main options were presented – repurposing an existing freshman center, or building a new, tailored facility. The design team collaborated with the district, staff and students to gather feedback on the existing programs and future need, ultimately deciding the new-build would effectively address the student-informed design. 

Designed to have a professional look and feel resembling an actual workplace, the new center will offer students dedicated space for real world learning, aligning with pathways programs. Culinary, hospitality and tourism programs will come together completing a full-service restaurant and dining space. Opportunities for gaming and technology, nursing, health sciences, sports medicine and business programs will encourage students to explore their interests. The new center is anticipated to open in the Summer of 2026, with Phase 2 complete in 2029.

Blue Springs, Missouri
Blue Springs School District
New Construction
95,000 SF
Blue Springs Career Innovation Center

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