Charter Schools

You’re pioneering a curriculum setting you apart, which means you require an equally unique approach to design. It’s a rare opportunity to start something new from the ground up. Our architects want to work with you to understand your curriculum, students and community—to provide a remarkable experience for your students through brain-based lessons and innovative classroom design.

Adhering to a Higher Standard

You have a passion for your mission, and we want to be a part of it. Whether you need to connect with a charter development group or just need introductions to the right relationships, we know what it takes to turn your dream of delivering curriculum in new ways into reality.

State by State

We understand how different the charter school landscape can be around the country. Our architecture firm is proud to have worked in multiple states over the decades – including Missouri, Colorado, California and Ohio – to help charter schools navigate local laws and regulations.

Our Work

Leman Academy of Excellence

Charter School

Excel Academy Charter School

Addition & Renovation

Compass Montessori School

Jefferson County Public Schools

Colorado Skies Academy

New Construction

Woodrow Wilson Academy


Blue Springs Career Innovation Center

Designing Schools for Everyone Benefits All