At Hollis + Miller, we are driven by our purpose: to empower our team, our clients and communities through rewarding experiences and inspiring learning environments. We believe wholeheartedly in growing the individual to grow the firm and work to provide opportunities to engage and invest in our staff, fostered by a climate promoting balance, meaningful connections and co-creation in pursuit of our purpose.

Our Core values

People Centric

At the heart of everything we do, we focus on our employees first while also emphasizing our impact on those we serve.

Purpose Driven

We make a difference by impacting the lives of others beyond the individual and the practice of architecture to make the world a better place.

Power of We

Our collective wisdom and talent create diversity of thought, confidence amongst all and shared ambition driving us forward.

Our integrated studios of architects, interior designers, structural engineers and graphic designers sit together to streamline the design process and learn from one another. These teams work to engage our clients in inclusive, authentic relationships built on mutual trust to drive co-creation and research-based discovery for custom learning environments.

Designing the future to impact communities for decades to come fuels our efforts and supports our mission to be a people-centric, purpose-driven firm. Learn more about how we support our teams and get to know each other outside of the day-to-day grind:

Industry Impact & Growth

Genuine collaboration and purposeful mentorship allow our teams the space to grow and be lifelong learners. Professional development, industry memberships, lunch & learns and our internal Exchange program all offer opportunities for individuals to pursue various passions and allow their voices to be heard.