Environmental Graphics

Graphics enrich the human experience by activating brand identity, creating a mood and connecting people to place. Our designers are integrated among project teams to create wayfinding signage and environmental graphics instilling a sense of pride and excitement.

Experiential Design & Curriculum

One of your strongest, and most critical, assets is your brand. How you communicate it to students, fans and the overall community can make a huge difference in the success of your project.

Just as each school is unique, the graphic needs for each project are unique, and co-creation is critical to understanding the best way to impact students and educators in each space. By integrating graphics with curriculum, we transform the building itself into a learning tool.

Graphics Supporting Experiences

Interactive wayfinding, shapes, colors and elements all play a part in a student’s holistic experience. Working closely with educational planning teams, we create a sense of place and a memorable experience for staff and students, scaled and customized to your building.

Case Study

Carl B. Bruce Middle School

Named after a significant local figure, Kansas City Kansas Public Schools Carl B. Bruce Middle School was destined to be a community-centric, safe learning environment for every student.

Our Work

Pleasant Hill School District Bond Projects

Pleasant Hill School District

Blue Springs Career Innovation Center

Blue Springs School District

Blue Springs High School

Blue Springs School District

Columbia Independent School

Addition & Renovation

Grandview High School & Martin City K-8

Grandview School District


Designing Schools for Everyone Benefits All

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