Compass Montessori School
The impressive compass sculpture hanging from the exposed ceiling of the main corridor serves as a node, providing an interesting gathering space and guiding students to their new “home”, or learning environment.

The Wheat Ridge building of Compass Montessori Schools was previously utilized as a community farmer’s market building, leading to values deeply rooted in the Montessori method and a responsibility for every individual to learn self-sufficient skills. The family culture integrated into curriculum also shines through design of the new addition and renovation, with nods to agriculture through selection of materials and finishes. Large, flexible collaboration areas serve as gathering spaces and corridors all in one. Small group breakout spaces designed to mimic farmer’s market stalls allow for one-on-one instruction or personal reflection.

Wheat Ridge, Colorado
Jefferson County Public Schools
Addition & Renovation
6,200 SF
$1.7 million
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Compass Montessori School

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