Park Hill Service Center

Park Hill Service Center The new campus boasts an all-in-one efficiency approach, allowing Park Hill staff to focus on running the district’s many facilities and operations. The Park Hill School District needed a new facility to house its operations and maintenance departments. Previously located in an underground cave with no windows or direct sunlight, administration aimed to provide a more desirable work environment for staff who keep […]

Blue Valley Logistics Center

Blue Valley Logistics Center Fulfilling the goal of streamlining processes and centralized operations, the new logistics center brings all essential district operations under one roof. Designed with the overall goal of enhancing operational efficiency and consolidating resources, the spacious new Logistics Center is now home to some of the district’s most essential operations. Previously located […]

Grain Valley Leadership Center

Grain Valley Schools Leadership Center Previously located in a residential home, the new Grain Valley Leadership Center offers a fresh, inviting space for district administration. Grain Valley School District has experienced a high growth rate over the past 15 years, leading to a much larger student population and the need for an updated professional space […]

Blue Valley School District Athletic Complex

Blue Valley School District Athletic Complex Home to two high schools serving an expansive community, the new ANTDAC complex can host a variety of athletics and activities. The new district athletic complex on Antioch Road holds up to 2,500 patrons on the home side and 1,500 on the visitors’ side, boasting enough room to accommodate […]