St Agnes Catholic School

St Agnes Catholic School A desire for a space that promotes STREAM learning and development led to an innovative and bright learning environment. Home to K-8 students for over 70 years, St Agnes Catholic School is full of history and tradition but desired several updated learning environments. The Math Hub is a space that can […]

St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center

St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center Diocese Of Kansas City-st. Joseph Catholic Schools For years, the St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center was located across a high-traffic street from the Catholic Church, calling for their youngest students to journey back and forth multiple times a day. Hollis + Miller designed a master plan for the Church, putting […]

St. James Academy

St. James Academy Located in a growing suburb within the greater Kansas City area, this facility integrates and adapts to changes in education, spirituality and technology. The Chapel serves as the Heart of the Campus. This statement not only led to the present location of the Chapel, but also a concept of allowing students to […]

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic High School Traditional values meet innovative learning where students get a well-rounded education in a space that marries religious teachings with brain-based learning. This new Kansas City Diocese school combines the former St. Mary’s and Archbishop O’Hara high schools into one cohesive learning environment. A large atrium connects the chapel […]