Columbia Independent School

Columbia Independent School An eye-catching new addition at Columbia Independent School will offer upper-school students a new space to take pride in. A growing student population led Columbia Independent School to explore expansion options for the immediate and distant future. The design team developed a phased approach including a master plan, addition and renovation to […]

Guadalupe Centers

Guadalupe Centers As a hub in the Latino communities of Kansas City, the Guadalupe Centers’ elementary and library renovations allow the program to efficiently serve more individuals for years to come. As a non-profit organization initiated over 100 years ago, the Guadalupe Centers aims to improve the quality of life for individuals in the Latino […]

IDEA Space KC – The Barstow School

IDEA Space KC – The Barstow School Once a large grocery store, an expansive retail building will be transformed into an Early Childhood Center, as well as other various educational support spaces. It takes vision to look at an existing retail store and picture a learning environment in its place, but that is exactly the […]