Meet Our Summer Emerging Professionals
Posted on June 21, 2022
By Hollis + Miller Architects

Our collective team of emerging professionals bring a variety of different experiences and talents to the table. We are so excited to watch them grow as professionals this summer as they design our first-ever higher education Learnscape at Metropolitan Community College! As the 10th annual Learnscpape for Hollis + Miller, this new outdoor learning environment will hold an even more special meaning as we celebrate a decade of philanthropic outdoor learning environments.

Carson Shank

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture, University of Arkansas

Carson has been drawn to buildings and design since a young age. As he grew up, he’d imagine what he would do differently to improve a building’s design and function. Today, he’s able to translate those dreams into reality at Hollis and Miller. The real-world experience he has been able to learn so far will be put to good use once he returns to school in the fall at the University of Arkansas. Carson says he feels right at home here at Hollis + Miller and has felt so welcomed from day one.

Emily Coleman

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture with a Minor in Sustainability, University of Arkansas

Emily is interested in helping others and designing an overall better space, specifically through integrating equitable design. Originally from Kansas City, the unique architecture of homes in the area inspired her and piqued interest in the architecture world. She is looking forward to learning more about the whole project process, including construction, which the emerging professionals will get to participate in later this summer while constructing the outdoor learning environment they’ve designed, Learnscape!

Maisie Edmonson

Pursuing a Master’s Degree of Interior Architecture & Product Design, Kansas State University

With a strong pull to the arts, Maisie knew from early on that she belonged in a creative field. An introduction to drafting and 3D modeling in high school led her to architecture, ultimately on the interiors side. The connection between end user and final space is what motivates Maisie to put those detail-oriented touches on each project. Maisie says she “loves how passionate everyone at Hollis + Miller is about their clients and work in general.”

Alex Mendoza

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

Alex sees designing as an opportunity to enhance people’s experiences through space-making. He strives to inspire end-users through the spaces they spend time in. He loves having the opportunity to be in touch with his creative side. Alex ultimately wants to create positive experiences for people and brings this mindset into his day-to-day work.

Hayden Rech

Pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree of Architecture, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Design allows you to connect with the end-user, and Hayden loves this aspect of architecture. He hopes to go into humanitarian design in the future and to impact people’s lives. Hayden mentions the collaborative culture and community at Hollis + Miller inspire him to be his best self. He is looking forward to learning from both professionals and his peers as the summer goes on.

Ethan Sandburg

Pursuing a Master’s Degree in Architecture, University of Kansas

Ethan strives to help others and to inspire them to continue learning more about the world. He loves the combination of creativity combined with logical problem solving that architecture offers on the daily. Some problems require number-crunching for a solution while others are best solved with a pen and sketchbook. He is looking forward to working with real-world clients this summer and helping them solve their educational space issues.

Anna Scarlett

Pursuing a Master’s degree in Architecture, Kansas State University

Anna is drawn to design because of her love for creating functional and beautiful spaces. This has in turn led to a passion for designing with people and the future in mind. Educational design is the perfect way to combine innovation with aesthetics while impacting young lives. Design can facilitate growth and is always evolving, especially in the education world.

Meet Our Summer Emerging Professionals