Park Hill Service Center

Park Hill Service Center The new campus boasts an all-in-one efficiency approach, allowing Park Hill staff to focus on running the district’s many facilities and operations. The Park Hill School District needed a new facility to house its operations and maintenance departments. Previously located in an underground cave with no windows or direct sunlight, administration aimed to provide a more desirable work environment for staff who keep […]

Blue Valley Logistics Center

Blue Valley Logistics Center Fulfilling the goal of streamlining processes and centralized operations, the new logistics center brings all essential district operations under one roof. Designed with the overall goal of enhancing operational efficiency and consolidating resources, the spacious new Logistics Center is now home to some of the district’s most essential operations. Previously located […]

Grain Valley Leadership Center

Grain Valley Schools Leadership Center Previously located in a residential home, the new Grain Valley Leadership Center offers a fresh, inviting space for district administration. Grain Valley School District has experienced a high growth rate over the past 15 years, leading to a much larger student population and the need for an updated professional space […]

Platte Purchase Middle School

The new Platte Purchase Middle School immerses learners in simulated, real-world experiences across a variety of topics.

Englewood Schools Administrative Building

Englewood Schools Administrative Building Interior finishes update the Englewood District office while increasing efficiency, functionality and adding in daylighting. Hollis + Miller worked with district administration to reimagine its Bannock Block facilities. Uniquely positioned in the heart of the Englewood community, the district tasked HMA with redeveloping fleet parking and site circulation at its transportation […]

Wildcat Aquatics Center

Wildcat Aquatics Center Swim and dive teams at Blue Springs High School now have a state-of-the-art facility to call their home base. The new building is right down the road from the high school and cohesively branded, exuding school pride with purple and gold accents. Spectators have a birds-eye view over the pool, as athletes […]

Cass Career Center

Cass Career Center Cass Career Center’s newly refreshed interior and exterior provide a modern, inviting look, welcoming students and offering room for program expansion. Hands-on career training and opportunities for students to participate in college-level courses are more in-demand than ever and the newly renovated Cass Career Center offers a variety of programs available to […]

Patton Junior High

Patton Junior High Previously a historic elementary school, the newly renovated junior high offers state-of-the-art facilities and programs for 6th through 9th grades on base at Fort Leavenworth. Patton Junior High School is situated on a large military base in Fort Leavenworth, Kansas. Designed with the overarching concept of “celebration of place,” the new learning […]

Maplewood Elementary School

Maplewood Elementary School Bright colors, wood tones and the maple leaf are just a few nods to the school pride running deep through generations of students who attended Maplewood Elementary School. Developed from an existing building prototype and designed in tandem with Davidson Elementary School, Maplewood replaced a historic, community-centric facility. The prototypes were adapted […]

Davidson Elementary School

Davidson Elementary School Flexible corridors, collaboration spaces and tactile walls encourage students to take learning outside of the classroom. Developed from an existing building prototype and designed in tandem with Maplewood Elementary School, Davidson’s entrance welcomes students and visitors with brightly colored fins proudly revealing the school name. The prototypes were adapted to have parity […]