Englewood Schools Administrative Building
Interior finishes update the Englewood District office while increasing efficiency, functionality and adding in daylighting.

Hollis + Miller worked with district administration to reimagine its Bannock Block facilities. Uniquely positioned in the heart of the Englewood community, the district tasked HMA with redeveloping fleet parking and site circulation at its transportation building, while renovating the adjacent administration building. To accommodate a shift in roles and facility needs, HMA worked with staff to completely re-program the interior to provide spaces for server rooms, central security, additional offices and hoteling stations, elevator service and restrooms on both levels, without increasing the square footage of the building.

The team was able to transform the interior space, bringing in more daylight and replacing mechanical units to provide additional headroom, all while maintaining the historical aesthetic. New offices, conference rooms, workstations and a family room are all a part of the new space, complete with a secure vestibule. Interior finishes bring the building up to 21st century design standards, while increasing the function and efficiency of the spaces.

Englewood, Colorado
Englewood Schools
14,000 SF
$4.6 million
Before1 After1
Before2 After 2
?????? WebEnglewood7
IMG_1182 copy WebEnglewood8

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