Hollis + Miller Architects Kansas City Workspace
An open communicating stair prominently and purposely connects three floors at the center of Hollis + Miller’s Kansas City office space, enhancing all-office culture and promoting collaboration.

The main entry is located on the middle floor, with each floor housing unique resources to encourage co-mingling. We are stronger together, so by housing the charrette spaces on the bottom floor, the café on the middle floor, and the interior library, focus booths and human resources on the top floor, team members are obligated to interact daily outside their studios. This strengthens our six studios as a team and enhances our office culture.

“The houses on the south side of the district are much more affordable than the houses on the north side. So, it starts to look like we’re catering to the kids who have more. For the kids who don’t have as much, it starts to look like, ‘It’s good enough for you to have an old building.’ So, that made the parity issue way more important for us.”

Kansas City, Missouri
Corrigan Station
Tenant Finish
30,000 SF
Hollis + Miller Architects Kansas City Workspace

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