Mathena Student Center
A primarily commuter campus that once provided few amenities for its students, now has a space where they can gather, eat, study and exercise.

The result has been awe-inspiring. Students who once went directly to their vehicles to leave campus after class are now stopping by the center to grab a coffee and study with friends. Ping pong games are in progress, students are jogging on the track, and you can find children playing games. The Midwestern Baptist community now has a place to gather.

With a dining facility, bookstore and coffee shop, study space, recreation room, gym with track, Crossfit exercise room, child watch and alumni entertainment space, this student center’s design needed to be purposeful to seamlessly integrate all these unique services in a way that invited students to make themselves at home in the space.

Since its founding in 1957, it has been a major goal of the Seminary to open a student center that can serve its students outside of academic and spiritual growth. Hollis + Miller Architects worked with the school to master plan where the facility could sit on campus and how it could hold the variety of amenities they were hoping to offer.

Kansas City, Missouri
Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary & Spurgeon College
New Construction
38,000 SF
$14.1 million
Mathena Student Center

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