Humphreys Building – In Progress

University of Central Missouri – Humphreys Building Built in the early 1900’s, the Humphreys Building is a historical icon at the center of campus and in need of a major renovation to bring life back to dull, dark spaces and outdated systems. The central building is home to classrooms and gathering spaces, requiring a re-design […]

Southeast Missouri State University Houck Stadium

Southeast Missouri State University Houck Stadium The stadium’s natural site is located within an existing quarry and will create a unique environment for many future student, community and athletic events. In fall of 2022, the first phase of a multi-tiered renovation of Southeast Missouri State University’s (SEMO) Houck Stadium began, with an accelerated timeline to […]

Palmer College of Chiropractic

Palmer Chiropractic College A 140-bed new housing development offers students a variety of apartment sizes centrally located on campus. Palmer College of Chiropractic needed to expand its housing options to host a growing student population on campus. In order to stay competitive with other housing options, the design team researched comparable sizes and prices of […]

Metropolitan Community College Advanced Technical Skills Institute

Metropolitan Community College Advanced Technical Skills Institute Metropolitan Community College made the decision to relocate its programs from the existing Business & Technology campus to a location closer to the city and community, providing better visibility and access. Goals of moving into the former publishing house building included enhanced synergies between programs, access to public […]

Northwest Missouri State University

Northwest Missouri State University Northwest Missouri State University reimagined its existing football locker room space to create a destination where players, coaches, recruits and the community could feel a prideful connection to the university. With a strong focus on brand identity and school pride, the main space of the locker room boasts a number of […]

STL 505 Student Housing

STL 505 Student Housing Providing contemporary, comfortable residence for students and young professionals, the STL 505 housing complex will span over almost an entire city block. Located in the core of downtown Springfield and right off historic Route 66, this brand-new housing complex serves students and young professionals in an urban setting. The five-story, 500+ […]

Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley

Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley A complete turnaround of a central gathering space, achieving record sales every single day of opening week. Metropolitan Community College-Penn Valley’s campus dining center was aged and underutilized by students and faculty on campus. The goal of increasing attendance and creating a more inviting feel was a priority throughout the renovation […]

Truman State University Athletics

Truman State University Athletics An athletic experience for the collective campus and surrounding community. Truman State University’s James S. Stokes Stadium was built in the early 1900’s, a large concrete and metal structure. As the university grew, the need for additional program space as well as event space grew along with it. The desire for […]

Kansas State University-Morris Family Multicultural Student Center

Kansas State University-Morris Family Multicultural Student Center The multicultural student center is a culmination of dozens of student organizations coming together with faculty and administrators to envision a place where cultural collaboration and individual expression blossom. Diversity and inclusion were embedded throughout the design process, and collectively the team identified building needs and characteristics, which […]

Mathena Student Center

Mathena Student Center A primarily commuter campus that once provided few amenities for its students, now has a space where they can gather, eat, study and exercise. The result has been awe-inspiring. Students who once went directly to their vehicles to leave campus after class are now stopping by the center to grab a coffee […]