Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center

Great Beginnings Early Childhood Center Inspirational environmental graphics weave through this new early childhood center, integrating hands-on learning experiences into design. Previously Paradise Park, an educational play and discovery center and long-standing staple in the community, the existing building was a hub for family-friendly fun for all ages. The Lee’s Summit R-7 School District purchased […]

Liggett Trail Early Education Center

Liggett Trail Early Education Center Colorful graphics and an interactive playground at Liggett Trail Early Education Center connect students with the natural environment while providing a safe, nurturing home for young learners. At the end of a meandering drive surrounded by trees and greenery, the addition to Liggett Trail Early Education Center blends seamlessly with […]

Compass Montessori School

Compass Montessori School The impressive compass sculpture hanging from the exposed ceiling of the main corridor serves as a node, providing an interesting gathering space and guiding students to their new “home”, or learning environment. The Wheat Ridge building of Compass Montessori Schools was previously utilized as a community farmer’s market building, leading to values […]

St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center

St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center Diocese Of Kansas City-st. Joseph Catholic Schools For years, the St. Elizabeth Early Childhood Center was located across a high-traffic street from the Catholic Church, calling for their youngest students to journey back and forth multiple times a day. Hollis + Miller designed a master plan for the Church, putting […]

Joplin Early Childhood Center

Joplin Early Childhood Center After seven years in temporary classrooms, Joplin’s littlest learners finally have a home for learning and exploring. This is “Where it all Begins…” Teachers can now collaborate together to utilize shared learning centers that are integral to their early education curriculum, rather than having to house these centers in their classrooms, […]

Three Trails Preschool

Three Trails Preschool Young learners are immersed in a bright, positive environment from the moment they enter this revamped environment. Each space comes alive with colorful nature scenes featuring animal friends on every wall. Students feel engaged and excited to learn in this updated learning environment. This abandoned Catholic school was given new life for […]

Ervin Early Learning Center

Ervin Early Learning Center Repurposing an abandoned middle school gave pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students a space their own focused on literacy. Research shows that students who do not have an early education focused on literacy are more likely to struggle throughout school and into adulthood. This dedicated brain-based facility for young learners allowed the District […]