Boyd Elementary School
Greeted by bright colors and a sense of place, visitors, staff and students alike can connect with the rich history of the neighborhood.

Serving as a front porch to the historic midtown community, Boyd Elementary celebrates the history and future for students and staff. Focusing on International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, the design centered around themes supporting an international experience broadening students’ horizons and outlook of the world, as well as roots in the neighborhood providing a sense of place.

Inside, joyful colors and graphics radiate energy, welcoming all in an inclusive and universal space. Both striking and subtle patterns remind students of the IB values and help provide a sense of identity and ownership. Wooden archways warm spaces and create a grand entry to the various classroom neighborhoods, where students begin their daily learning adventure.

Students traverse Boyd Hall where exposed structures and “Windows to the World” give students a glimpse into the building’s innerworkings and puts learning on display. Flexible spaces allow for independent study and group collaboration, with intentional daylighting throughout.

How the world works
Boyd Hall serves as the main circulation for the building and offers glimpses into
the learning spaces beyond. On one side of the hall is the hardened concrete storm shelter with glass block windows allowing views into the music room and gym. Vibrant banners hang from the structure to soften the surface and remind students of the school’s values, while a wooden world graphic provides a natural warm touch and nods to the international program.

The steel structure throughout Boyd Hall is exposed and highlighted in brown to give a natural “tree-like” feel to an otherwise stark element. The beams bring down the scale of the space and the exposed brace frames bring attention to the structural integrity of the building allowing students a peek at “how the world works.”

Mechanical supply and return diffusers are shown off with a round shape and natural mill finish. The circles puncture the white walls in seemingly random pattern, adding more whimsy to the space.

Springfield, Missouri
Springfield Public Schools
New Construction
56,250 SF
$16 Million
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Boyd Elementary School

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