Liberty High School
A shift of department locations results in a transformation of an open, flexible and innovative environment fostering entrepreneurial mindsets.

After relocating the existing Fine Arts Department to a new addition, the previously occupied space offered a blank canvas for the design team to transform a central common area for the nearly 2,000 high school students. Conversations with faculty and district representatives determined a need for an innovative, entrepreneurial space for students to learn more about career-pathing and alternative learning methods. The newly dubbed space, The View, features an open, flexible area with inspiring graphics and lights that tie into the school’s identity, while a variety of furniture types offer students endless options to collaborate.

A makerspace and e-sports classroom flank the open collaboration area, supplementing individual studies by ensuring the right resources are readily available. Comfortable restaurant-style booths offer students an alternative space to study alone or in small groups and corridors are transformed into spontaneous gathering spaces through a series of seated built-ins. The View was designed to support high school students in their entrepreneurial studies, but the new environment has drawn in students and faculty alike who desire to get their work done in a modern, fresh setting with a professional appeal.

Liberty, Missouri
Liberty Public Schools
21,300 SF
$3 million

* at the time of photography, masks were not required in buildings

Liberty High School

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