Maplewood Elementary School
Bright colors, wood tones and the maple leaf are just a few nods to the school pride running deep through generations of students who attended Maplewood Elementary School.

Developed from an existing building prototype and designed in tandem with Davidson Elementary School, Maplewood replaced a historic, community-centric facility. The prototypes were adapted to have parity but each showcase unique features representing the students who call it home. The front entry features a grand canopy with lighted exterior signage welcoming visitors and serving as a community front porch. Daylighting floods the main commons and two-story media center through purposeful clerestory and large windows. The commons serves a number of multi-purpose uses for the school, as well as for community events and meetings.

Active corridors in each grade-level neighborhood include tinker spaces, flexible furniture and technology, giving students and educators a choice in their learning space whether it be for small group instruction or individual study. Bold colors in each neighborhood provide natural wayfinding, as well as a sense of identity for each group – for example the Teal Town neighborhood has inspired t-shirts and student and teacher pride. SPED students are supported by autism rooms, resource rooms, OT and PT spaces and sensory walls with tactile patterns. Additionally, a large playground and two outdoor classrooms provide a connection to nature and the surrounding community.

Kansas City, Missouri
North Kansas City School District
New Construction
58,000 SF
$22.4 million
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Maplewood Elementary School

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