Westwood View Elementary School
Situated in the historical town of Westwood, Kansas, Westwood View Elementary serves a tight-knit community full of rich history.

 Westwood View Elementary School replaces an existing aged facility and incorporates pieces of the tightknit town’s history into the new learning environment, creating a sense of belonging for students. Environmental graphics with geometric shapes and bright colors are folded into the design of the building, offering teaching points by utilizing the building itself as a learning tool. Each classroom has a specific classroom identifier with wayfinding graphics on the glass outside their room, and teachers can incorporate the graphics into worksheets, connecting students to the building they call home. The new learning environment is certified LEED Silver and integrates sustainability features while utilizing them as teaching points for students. The homey building is nestled into the existing neighborhood, seamlessly blending the new architecture with historical features and reflecting the true community involvement that brought Westwood View Elementary to life.


The original Westwood View integrated arches, brick masonry and recognizable community elements while serving the community for years and contributing to overall development of the neighborhood’s look and feel. Collaboration with stakeholders determined paying homage to the original design would be a priority in the new elementary school’s final design. The new learning environment boasts an arched facade and curving features, weaving into the neighborhood fold seamlessly.

Sustainable Redevelopment
The new school is located on the former site of an old radio station. By building on a previously developed site, the district was able to preserve environmentally sensitive lands to make use of building infrastructure already in place, saving the energy and disruption it would have taken to establish new electrical, gas and water lines.

Westwood, Kansas
Shawnee Mission School District
Completed August 2022
72,000 SF
New Construction
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Westwood View Elementary School

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